Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No Bahamas part 2 Just Life

Okay, so life has been busy. I've had a great V-day dinner with the apple man. I went to a car event at Laguna Seca in Monetary and also had my birthday... whooo hooo 26! I've gone to Tahoe to get some half decent snow. I've gotten the flu. I've been working. There are details of course, there was the best wine I've had... EVER at Paul K where we have V-day dinner. I had on of the worst track driving students EVER! Just didn't seem to listen to what I was saying AT ALL. I got let down by my birthday because I'm no longer 5 the for that day, no matter how much I want in to, the world is not going to stop and bow down to me. And now I'm sick... like I've been this whole month but WAY worse. I'm a whiny bitchy needy girl who's temp is either sky rocketing or plummeting and hacks though the night. It's fun. So on that note I'm going to get my self some tea, but some socks on my feet, grab a coat 'cause it's going to rain and head off to work with small children.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bahamas Part 1

This is a picture of the most northern and western point of Grand Bahama Island. Our resort was at the tip... past the ghetto with the Wind Dixi where my dad bought food.

This is a view from the road that runs though the ghetto of Grand Bahama... I mean if you're going to have a house with no roof or windows at least you get to see this!

This was the building the two two bedroom suits the eight of us stayed in, Ian, Amy, Abbie, and Oma in one suit. Mom, Dad, Tao and I in the other.

This is the hammock that was outside of the building. It was a really shitty hammock and would sink to the ground in you sat in in but it was really inviting.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pictures From Jackson Hole a Month Later

This was me hiking up to the top of the Headwall.
This was the view halfway up
Everyone else finishing up the hike to the Headwall
The slow soft ride down.
AJ and I laying in the snow! What a ride!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wait I got second!

I go and call Ms. M, just to tell her about the second, and thankfully last, week of the show. The second words out of her mouth are, "Congratulations of the second!" uhmmm.... what? "I got second?" I ask, yes that is correct I should know how I place in my classes, but this class, Saturday's class I went fourth or sixth out of sixty plus horses. I wasn't going to sit around for over two hour just to see how I did. And, to be honest, I didn't do GREAT. I made it to the jump off (the round that counts) and had one rail. I was fast, which is normal, not to be cocky, but really one rail with over 60 horses... what's the likely hood that none of those people would go clean as well... well it looked like bigger than I thought. So yeah, i guess that makes this last weekend better than the weekend before. I even rode great on Sunday, so I'm happy with that as well. I've got some time to get rid of the rust that i seemed to have found building up in my riding ability before the next show.