Monday, April 28, 2008

She's back

Being a horse person, I'm quite fearful that saying ANY of this is a total jinx, but at the same time after this weekend I'm also feeling quite confident. Fateful last words, right.  Oh, well I'm going to say it anyway.  Stella's back.  We just had a funaminal weekend.  We had several clear rounds.  We jumped some GREAT jumps.  After some convincing on Lindsay's part I only had a lesson on Saturday, no showing and decided to go on Sunday in the Open (that's Jr., Amateur, and Professionals) Class.  The $7500 Woodside Classic.  Well, we kicked ass.  Out of 30+ competitors only 8 made it into the jump off, Stella and I being one of them. Out we went, laying a carful and clean round.  Meaning we weren't super fast, but we didn't hit any rails.  So over all we go 3rd. For feeling like we were having a hard time coming back into the show season, I now feel like we're in full swing.  Two more shows until Canada!  Come on Stell-Bells lets BRING IT!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I'm getting off the freeway today and there by the side of the road is a crane.  Just looking into the gutter for something to eat after last nights rain i'm guessing.  But here is was 5ft from my car as a zoomed past it at 30 some odd mph.  It didn't even care.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Apple Jacks and I have been dating a year and half now.  This are things and trucking along.  One thing that alway worried me was the friend thing.  His friends, who seem to be a lot of girls, have become my friends, or at least people who I hang out with.  I haven't alway been comfortable calling them my friends.  Most of my friends, Ms. M, Ms. T, and Ms. E all live far away.  As time has gone on these women have become people who I hang out with without Apple Jacks and more and more my friends. So I thought a blog post should be there for them. 

 So here's B, Jen, The Ma, and Me and B's birthday cocktails.
Good times had by all!