Monday, August 27, 2007

Phantom Spires

Here's a long shot of the Phantom Spires. They're rather impressive. The drive there, well lets say it was a challenge for a manual Audi with a 3 inch clearance. Yeah, I don't want to see what the bottom of my car looks like, but it was good climbing!

Here I am on one of the climbs. My left foot is up by my butt on this big knob (chicken head). This rough was fondly renamed by our group as, Fuck That Chicken Head.

Here is the exhausted after effect of that big move I did. Love the rock and it might just love you.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


The Menlo Horse Show is rated that #1 horse show in Northern California. It's the only show in NorCal on grass. Jumps are sponsored, prizes are sponsored, and most importantly you get prizes to 3rd. 1st could be anything from a Tiffany's Box to a silver tray, 2nd is jellybeans, and 3rd is horse cookies.
Here is Stella and I doing the 4'6" A/O Jumpers. These were some of the biggest I've ever jumped (maybe not this one but it is a good picture). The last jump of my class on Sunday was easily 5ft. I couldn't see over it when I was walking.
Here's Matt and I with the garb I won't for being the best out of my division. A chair, some ribbons, a gift certificate to a horse website, and a framed Hermes scarf.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Blackfish Lodge Family Fishing Trip Photos

Jury duty

It's 9:00am on a Tuesday morning and here I am, sitting waiting for jury duty to start with almost 80 other people here. There are big people, skinny old people who look like they don't have teeth. Young trendy people. Two priests. Three men in ties. And half a dozen or so asleep, with their heads balanced on the wall or their chest.
The florescent lights penetrate the air. The noise of throat clearing, pages, turning and the vending machine air compressor humming. The droning feeling makes my eyes heavy, my thought light.
There is a women, in periwinkle blue, that sits across from me. He butt is squeeze into those jeans that are an unnatural denim blue, tapering at the ankles to show her black socks and white running shoes, though she obviously doesn't run. Her upper thighs spill over the edge of the chair. Her loosely fitted shirt shows her bulges above and below her bra. The short sleeves show her upper arm fat cascading over her elbow.
Her hair is mousey with hints of gray.