Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am glad I'm not Obama

He's got a job ahead of him.  Who would want to take control of a sinking ship?  A ship full of rust holes and a leaking engine. A ship who's crew is looking wide eyed into the sky for the man who said HOPE to save them all.  How can he save us all?  He is not superman.  He is not Batman or Captain Planet.  He is a man who chose to run for the job of chief cleaner of Bush's mess.  He is the man who ran on the knowledge that we, the American people, are grasping at straws.  Straws for leadership, for the environment, for our pocket books, for our healthcare, for our educations, for our lives.  Here is a man saying "Yes, We Can" in a time where we are all looking around going, "we can? well, if you're sure... i guess." Over 66 million of us grasped at the straws Obama has weaved into a safety net for us all.  I just HOPE for his sake, for the sake of the American population's faith in politicians, for the sake of us all, his net holds.  I HOPE his net will hold and not just the 66 million who believe that "Yes, We Can" but especially for the 58 million who were not so sure.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Having had an emotionally agitated week I went drinking, I'm sorry wine tasting, with Ma and her friend G-money. People frequently say, "go have a drink" after a long or volitial week, but really is that the best thing to do? Alcohol is a depresent. I know, dispite the giggley high I feel after having a few drinks, the lack of self contiousness, the loud boysterous, I feel a draging dark low. I feel self pitty, self loathing that encompases all. If I could hold my liquor better... Well, I could see how people become alcoholics.
But this leads me to why... I mean is the high worth the low. The low that is so much deeper then the place you started at, the place that "encouraged" you to go a bit past tipsey. "look all my problems melted away!" no, not at all. With a few drinks, dispite the inishal high, buzz, as some call it, your problems will feel deeper, more consuming. So why, why is alcohol or social lubricant? Why is it our "solution"? Don't we know better? No, I don't think we do. I think the instant gratification of a buzz is too strong. It beats out the known low. ugh

Cable Car

Today, despite a wicked nausea hang over, I went into the city to hang with Ms. O. After doing some yoga breathing on BART and realizing that standing outside the restaurant we were going to have brunch at was making me ill, we chose to go shopping.
Okay, you might be wondering why this mundane yammering on about my Sunday. Well, after being a local San Francisco Bay Arian my whole life, Today I rode on a cable car! Do to the nausea I did not hang over the edge, but I have finally fulfilled all the San Francisco tourist destinations.