Sunday, July 13, 2008

Breath Easy

Today is the first day I can breath easy.  The sky is blue.  Now, I don't live in LA or anything.  Northern Cali, but the smoke smog from all the wildfires has been so bad over the past few weeks we've had several spare the air days, flights were delays due to lack of visibility, they have had warnings not to go outside, and the sunlight has been orange.  But today, after about an hour of watching Willie sit in the sun and romp on the lawn, i noticed something different.  Something different yet normal.  The sky is blue today.  The sunlight is sparkling clean. 
This doesn't mean the wildfires are contained in any way.  The two biggest that are near by, out of the 300 still burning, were around 60% contained last night. This is all good new.  Up north the weather has been cooler and the winds quite, which will help the hard working fire crews.  But we're not in the clear year.  In CA the fire season is normally fall.  After the long hot summer has dried everything out.  But this year, despite the flooding, we didn't get a lot of rain and now we're are having a VERY early fire season.  If we're living in an inferno now... what's it going to be like in October when we normally have fire season?