Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Thank You Ms. E for the squeaky monkey! I love it's dangling legs and squishy body.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ama Ebi Urban

We just lovingly call her Ebi

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Gas Prices

California is known for having some of the most expensive gas, but last night, getting gas this is what I saw.
That's right $1.79 for regular.  But what i really care about is the $1.99 for Supreme.  Also, this isn't some Rotten Robbies or something.  This is Chevron, and the Shell across the street was matching the price.  Who'd of thunk a year and half ago that we'd have a black man coming in to office as president and all gas would be under $2. 

Monday, December 01, 2008

My First Lead Climb

For those of you who don't know what a lead climb is, it's a climb where you are trailing a rope behind you.  You attach the rope to bolts in the wall as you go up.  This means that most of the time you are above the point where you are attached to the wall. That means... longer fall, if you fall, higher pucker factor. 
This is a picture a friend of mine took from the ground.  It makes it all look grander then it really was, but there isn't any rope above me. Just below me.  And it is last connected to the wall about 5 ft below me. I made it up and down alive.  I'm not sure when i'll get the nerve up to do it again.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am glad I'm not Obama

He's got a job ahead of him.  Who would want to take control of a sinking ship?  A ship full of rust holes and a leaking engine. A ship who's crew is looking wide eyed into the sky for the man who said HOPE to save them all.  How can he save us all?  He is not superman.  He is not Batman or Captain Planet.  He is a man who chose to run for the job of chief cleaner of Bush's mess.  He is the man who ran on the knowledge that we, the American people, are grasping at straws.  Straws for leadership, for the environment, for our pocket books, for our healthcare, for our educations, for our lives.  Here is a man saying "Yes, We Can" in a time where we are all looking around going, "we can? well, if you're sure... i guess." Over 66 million of us grasped at the straws Obama has weaved into a safety net for us all.  I just HOPE for his sake, for the sake of the American population's faith in politicians, for the sake of us all, his net holds.  I HOPE his net will hold and not just the 66 million who believe that "Yes, We Can" but especially for the 58 million who were not so sure.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Having had an emotionally agitated week I went drinking, I'm sorry wine tasting, with Ma and her friend G-money. People frequently say, "go have a drink" after a long or volitial week, but really is that the best thing to do? Alcohol is a depresent. I know, dispite the giggley high I feel after having a few drinks, the lack of self contiousness, the loud boysterous, I feel a draging dark low. I feel self pitty, self loathing that encompases all. If I could hold my liquor better... Well, I could see how people become alcoholics.
But this leads me to why... I mean is the high worth the low. The low that is so much deeper then the place you started at, the place that "encouraged" you to go a bit past tipsey. "look all my problems melted away!" no, not at all. With a few drinks, dispite the inishal high, buzz, as some call it, your problems will feel deeper, more consuming. So why, why is alcohol or social lubricant? Why is it our "solution"? Don't we know better? No, I don't think we do. I think the instant gratification of a buzz is too strong. It beats out the known low. ugh

Cable Car

Today, despite a wicked nausea hang over, I went into the city to hang with Ms. O. After doing some yoga breathing on BART and realizing that standing outside the restaurant we were going to have brunch at was making me ill, we chose to go shopping.
Okay, you might be wondering why this mundane yammering on about my Sunday. Well, after being a local San Francisco Bay Arian my whole life, Today I rode on a cable car! Do to the nausea I did not hang over the edge, but I have finally fulfilled all the San Francisco tourist destinations.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I've never been one for sitting still.  When need be, I can normally dig deep and do it, but this weekend has not be the best for me.  Rather then blood running though my veins I feel like there is carbonation.  I'm unsure and untrusting of everything.  I just want to keep moving, be around people, things, other moving objects.  

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Prince of Darkness

In college I dated a guy Ms. T fondly (not) named the prince of darkness. POD and I dated for about 2 years, off and on. Their was a period he went to study in Africa and then moved to NY for an internship after graduation. Anyway, he was a note leaver. Very romantic in hindsight but felt suffocating then. If he left the house before me he'd leave me a note by the bed. If I left before him, when I got home from classes I'd find a trail of notes on fall leaves. This wasn't an everyday thing, but probably once a week I would find a note (unless he was a bit depressed, then no notes).
What has brought all this up you might ask? Well it has to do with Shell Silverstine. I taught a lesson on rhyming rhythmical poetry at the Academy yesterday and pulled The Light In The Attic out of a box in my office. I don't know how long its been since I looked though it. But there admits the funny tales, was a POD note. It was dated 11/30/02. We had just finished Thanksgiving at my house, I would later fly out to Chicago for Christmas, a few days after him and even less days after his childhood dog died.
In the note he was thanking me for sharing Thanksgiving and "letting (him) see my life" and wishing me luck in the future as a teacher. "soon you will have your own classroom and they will be calling you Mrs. Urban."
I am not nostalgic for that relationship. We weren't right for each other, but I wish I appreciated the little things then, 'cause they don't happen as readily when you get older. I wonder if what I learned from that relationship stuck. What did I learn then that is "helping" me now?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I was scanning the am stations today looking for the world series (we can talk about that one later) when I found myself on a right wing radio station. The guy was claiming that Obama was going to Hawaii, during this crucial time in this political "tight race", not to visit his allying grandmother, but to avoid a scandal about a fake birth certificate. What? I'm sorry how could someone get 10 days away from the presidential vote, as the front runner, with a fake birth certificate! Really?! I mean, we now know how much "Alaskan" money Palin spent to fly her kids around, for something as obscure as seeing their father in a snowmobile race. We know how soon McCaine might dying and how much his skin cancer weighed, but Obama has been running for president for 18+ months with an invalid birth certificate. No way man! They wouldn't let that happen. He couldn't have gotten to senator let alone running for president!
Ugh, okay, so there was that to start. Then some BRAVE, yet stupid, man called in to tell the host he's full of shit. Oh yeah, that sent the crazy babbles off! The host started commenting about how "we" are brainwashed by colleges. "We" have no personal identity, no cultural identity, no national identity and all "we" can do is put a condom on a cucumber. "ah," he said, "they have no sexual identity either! They are no better then cucumbers."
I'm sorry what? Dude, go to college and learn to string together a thought so someone OTHER then your brainwashed right wing conservatives can understand what you're saying then MAYBE you'll actually be able to "convince" some college educated liberals you have a valid point. Oh, but I guess that means you'd have to have a valid point to start with. Foraged birth certificate, really? REALLY? That's all you can come up with when your guy is losing and there are only 10 days left to go.
After that 3+ minutes I changed the channel.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not what I normally talk about 2

I think I took an economics class in high school.... something about a consumer index and something about... i don't know... i don't think i did well.  Anyway, the US economy here is in the shit.  We've been here before and will most likely be here again, but being Americans all we think about is the right now.  And, right now it sucks.  
Yesterday I was at a birthday brunch of a friend.  I am not very close to her friends but we've been friends for quite sometime now.  Anyway, the economy came up.  Someone mentioned that Iceland is bankrupt.  Another person mentioned that due to the crap sales, the girl who works for William and Sonoma mentioned that sales in September were down 6.6% (normally a 3% drop is big), there will be more sales.  Here is a direct quote from someone's mouth, "Sucks for Iceland. Do you think Loui Viton will have a sale?" 
Granted, these ladies don't have 401Ks or most of them don't and I'm sure they don't have a personal stock portfolio, and only one owns a house, so the 2000+ drop the market took over the past week won't personally "affect" them.  But dear god.... I guess if they are putting their money back into the market, sale or not, it's a step in the right directions.  Want to buy me a bag? Or rather should I stand on a street corner with a sign that says: My personal net worth just dropped 25%, care to give me a Starbucks Gift Card?

Friday, October 10, 2008

I Normally Don't Talk About This

I tend to keep my blog light.  Mostly the contents is the happenings of my mundane life.  Quite frequently I forget that people actually read my blog so talking about "real" topics isn't something I do.  But recently I have felt the need.  Between the pre-election/post debates political world and the quickly crumbling finical world, there isn't much else on my mind.   But for now I'll stick to one topic.
Tuesday, I had my first conversation with someone who is not a lefty.  It started by me casually over hearing a conversation between my trainer (male) at the gym and one of the owners (female).  Something along the lines of, "Yeah, so he said (some client of the owner) I like her 'cause of her soccer mom mentality.  I'm not a soccer mom so why that applies.  I mean 'what's her name' would like her if that was the case. I think she's tough" 
Now I wasn't quite sure who the "she" was.  I mean they were talking politics and Hilary is out so the only "she" in politics is Palin... and who uses the word 'like' and 'Palin' in the same sentence unless it says something about killing wolfs from a helicopter. 
"I'm sorry," I said, "Did you say you like Palin?" I was aghast.  Here is, as Ma calls her, a betrayer, a women who stands for nothing women in a modern sense.  I mean have we even seen her wear pants!  If you felt Hilary was to "male" and "masculine" then how can you call Palin feminine?  You put lipstick on a bulldog and it's still a bulldog.  It will still bite you with her lock jaw and rip you to shreds! Really, I don't want anyone to rip me to shred, ESPECIALLY someone who fired her former brother-in-law just because he "broke her sister's heart". Especially, someone who thinks even if you're raped or you might die if you give birth, you have to have the baby.  Especially someone who says abstinence is the only way to teach kids about sex while her underage daughter is going to give birth. Someone who says gays have no rights, they made the choice to be gay, that's their choice and have to face the "hardships" that come with that, but is willing to FORCE her daughter to marry so guy who she knocked boots with about 6 months ago. OH MY GOD I can't stand blatant blindsided stupidity.  
Anyway, so I haven't dealt much with "the other side".  My group of friends and family, we're all standing at the same point... which is "um, Palin really... that's your choice!?"  So here is this women, the gym owner, one who I thought was right minded, thinking Palin is what this country needs.  Right. We need her in the same way we need more bull dogs in the world.  Hearing this took me so far off my rocker that I couldn't even argue.  I brought up the abortion, the teaching the abstinence, her complete utter lack of experience (really, McCain can you spend the first two month of your campaign claiming Obama doesn't have enough experience to be president and then find, not just a rookie, but almost someone at the high school level of politics as your running mate).  So I mentioned what little I really know and what's funny is I probably know more about Palin then I do about anyone else in this election.  I had nothing to dispute their claims on Obama.  I really don't know. I like how he speaks, I like the idea of change.  I don't relate to the basics of the republican politics. I'm ashamed to admit that what I know has come from three main sources: my friends, The Daily Show, and SNL and the last only slightly (I really just like how well Tina Fay plays Palin).  What is also sad, is this is what it is like for most of my generation.  There are the active few, maybe more then in the generation before me, but still... We don't trust FOX news, or CNN or CNBC or any other "news" source.  We don't want to sit through the negatives of the world.  We want to see puppies and laugh at how stupid the political world is.  We need our news to be entertainment.  Oh shit, i said I'd only bring up one "real" topic.  I've digressed.  What I learned from Tuesday? Oh god, there are McCain/Palin people out there... I should be very afraid!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Fall Is Here

I show up at school today and this is what it looked like.  The beautiful tree with it's changing leaves.  I love fall.  I love the east bay crisp foggy mornings that lead to warm almost hot days.  That distinct fall smell; 1 part fire place smoke, 1 part rotting leaves, 1 part crisp.  I love fall and spring.  The seasons that mean change is coming.  They are the seasons of change.  Winter isn't change, it's cold.  Summer is just hot and for me busy, but fall is a change.  The horse show season is coming to an end.  I can pull out my sweaters but still wear flip flops.  
It does have its down sides.  It's much harder to get out of bed in the morning as it gets darker and darker.  I accumulate sweaters and jackets in my car almost as if i'm homeless with a closet or 7 to put them in.  But to see the leaves change... nothing can demising the joy i feel in that.  

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My New Art

I'm not sure if it's "art" but that's another discussion.  It's a wall decal, fancy word for sticker.  

Monday, September 29, 2008

This Weekend

Despite the funny pictures of my Dad on a motorcycle, it wasn't the strongest weekend.  It might seem like the adjective, strongest, isn't a natural choice for describing a weekend.  Well, maybe with some description the word choice will make sense.
I had my first horse show in almost two months this weekend.  Since that show, Pebble back in July, I've jumped very little.  Well, that's not true.  I've jumped but not big.  Over these two months I can only think of 3 times where I've jumped over 3'3".  
With all of this, I think rusty might be an understatement for how I rode.  
Thursday Stella was wild.  Friday I was so off I couldn't find my nose on my face, let alone a distance to a jump. Saturday I just bumped down to the lower division, 10cm, and found some mojo back.  Later that day, I got to jump over my normal height, 1.30 meters, and though I wasn't stellar, held my own considering the disaster of the day before. 
Am I back to my old self in terms of my riding, no.  Can I be? yes, soon hopefully.  Until then I guess I practice. 

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Apple Jack's Day with Dad

We're working on doing some last minute fixes on my house before my house warming.  Apple Jacks and I were having some trouble with the big slider, to the point we called re-enforcements, Dad.  
Once Dad came down, we all realized there were some parts that needed to be picked up from the hardware store.  What a great opportunity for Apple Jacks to take Dad on his motorcycle!
Dad's fist is in the air.  He made it back alive!
"How do I get this off?!"
Oh, yes, my dad, Mr. Tough Guy
Here they are, after the parts have been retrieved, using cooking spray and the drill, trying to get a new hole in the frame of the sliding door. At least Apple Jacks gets to use his Dremal Tool!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fishing the Lower Sac

Dad, Tao, Ian, and I got in the car in the darkness of 6am to head up to Redding to go fishing.  It turned out to a be a beautiful day to be on the river, high 70's low 80's light breeze.  It was just the four of us in two boats each with a guide, Me and Dad with the main guide, and Tao and Ian with Chris.  Right off the bat i caught a fish, a rare thing to happen so quickly.  It was a fat sucker fish, but still a fish that made it all the way to the boat.  The day continued and Dad kept losing his fish before he could reel them into the boat.  
The highlight of the day was when I caught a Steelhead.  It took me 10-15 min to reel it in.  It kept running and fighting.  This was the first time I caught a fish with fight like this.  When I finally got it to the boat we had floated quite a bit away for Tao and Ian's boat and Ian was the only one with a camera, so he has to long distance shot of me landing this 7 pound fish.  
This is what it looked like, a bit brighter, and head a bit uglier.  But it was a big fish.  I'm use to landing maybe a 12ft rainbow this was twice as big and weight at least 3 times as much.  It was cool.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

In the front yard this morning

Here is the whole family, Dad, Mom and Baby.  
Don't diss the picture quality, it's though a window with a flash.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Arcade

Last night a small group of friends and I wen to an arcade.  They were very excited to play "Hyperbowl",  bowling game where you spin a suspended bowling ball though a "course" to hit the pins.  We stupidly picked the expert level, Tokyo. We had to get our ball though a Tokyo street. We did have the advantage that the street was straight, but we had the disadvantage of maneuvering around cars, buses, and motorcycles.  There was also a time limit to get to the pins.  
The true challenge was that you had to smack the ball around to get it to roll along the course.  As Apple Jacks said after he bowled only about half his frames, "I feel like I've been clapping nonstop at a concert." 
But he got his revenge.  He got Ms. J and I on a horse racing game.  That wasn't the sneaky part.  He some how got us to pick the longest distance around the track.  To say it was exhausting is an understatement.  Ms. J and I were humping and bumping and rocking these "horses" back and forth for maybe 90 seconds, but it felt like 5 min. We were both out of breath and Ms. Jen even felt like she was going to vomit from the  exertion. She did beat me, but in my defense, its nothing like riding a real horse.  All is all, between bowling and the horse racing, it was quite a work out.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Some More PIcs for Ms. E's wedding

Here we are.  My first close friend to get married. I'm so so so very happy for her!
Someone had to fluff the dress properly

Apple Jacks dancing with Bella, a daughter of Ms. E's best friend

My speech... it was a little nerve racking but it went well

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OMG I read an Oprah article

Apple Jacks and I have recently moved in together.  It's been a bit hard 'cause my roommate is still here.  Wouldn't be a problem if a) my roommate didn't have TONS of stuff b) Apple Jacks "liked" him (not that Apple Jacks likes anyone really but still) c) this dislike didn't completely make me feel the same way and cause every little thing that my roommate does to drive me nuts d) it meant one of these two boys, yes boys, picked up after themselves, dish into the dishwasher... really is it that hard?!  Just a few more days and the roommate is out! 
Anyway, I was of facebook and one of the ads on the side said something like "a boyfriend test".  (yes at times I am that person.  Oh, a test on what movie star I look like.  What type of mythical creature would I be? ) It lead me not to the desired test but to a female bonding site (no NOT bondage).  Blogs about being pregnant and "my kids messes" and stuff.  Well, there was a thing about moving with your significant other.  It was a little video of this women who had moved from Kentucky to live with her boyfriend.  She had the whole twang and everything.  This is what did it.  At the bottom is said, "read more" and I clicked it.  It lead me to THE OPRAH WEBSITE
I am not an Oprah person.  Hell, i have trouble spelling her name.  The most time I've spent with an O magazine was when I had to rip pages out for a writing assignment during my student teaching.  I've seen the Tom Cruse jumping on the couch thing on YouTube or The Soup but never really watched it live.  Dear god, please don't ever let me find the oprah website again... next it will be Good Housekeeping or something! AHHHHHH!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Emily's Wedding

Emily and Steve doing the deed! Happy Couple!
Apple Jacks and I before we try to drive though the storm coming across the lake.  It was a doozy!

Friday, August 01, 2008

I got my hair done

And this time I like it!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Breath Easy

Today is the first day I can breath easy.  The sky is blue.  Now, I don't live in LA or anything.  Northern Cali, but the smoke smog from all the wildfires has been so bad over the past few weeks we've had several spare the air days, flights were delays due to lack of visibility, they have had warnings not to go outside, and the sunlight has been orange.  But today, after about an hour of watching Willie sit in the sun and romp on the lawn, i noticed something different.  Something different yet normal.  The sky is blue today.  The sunlight is sparkling clean. 
This doesn't mean the wildfires are contained in any way.  The two biggest that are near by, out of the 300 still burning, were around 60% contained last night. This is all good new.  Up north the weather has been cooler and the winds quite, which will help the hard working fire crews.  But we're not in the clear year.  In CA the fire season is normally fall.  After the long hot summer has dried everything out.  But this year, despite the flooding, we didn't get a lot of rain and now we're are having a VERY early fire season.  If we're living in an inferno now... what's it going to be like in October when we normally have fire season?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Spruce Meadows Skyliner

This week at Spruce was the Prix de Nations.  I was riding for the NorCal team.  There are four members on the team but we were one short so we adopted a SoCal person for the day. It was a good thing too 'cause she was one of the top riders for our team.  The top four teams come back, do the course again, then jump off. 
Walking the course for the 1.30 meter Prix de Nation in Spruce Meadows Meadows on the Green felt intimidating, yet exhilarating.  The first jump was a yellow triple bar.  After two more fences making you do a U-turn you came upon this red triple combination made up of rails with white horizontal stripes that looked like a sea of rails.  Then you jumped a white wall that was so bright it you needed sun glasses.  If that didn't seem like enough optical illusions there was a green and yellow one stride with green boxes set on the outside under the first element and then green boxes set together in the middle in the second element. You couldn't tell where the bottom was. 
There were 17 teams on at the 1.30 level. I went 11th, being the lead rider for the team. I had two rails, but considering the first rider stopped out, meaning she was eliminated and the second rider had 3 rails and no one had gone clean, I was still proud.  The other members of my team did okay.  One girl stopped out herself, but the other two, the SoCal one included, went clean.  With the eliminated score dropped we had 8 faults.  
The exciting part was waiting for the scores. Each team would go and we would count up their totals.  Until the bitter end were in the top four.  I ran back to the barn to pull a sleeping Stella out of her stall to get up to the ring.   As Stella and I walk up to the ring I see Lindsay holding a 6th place ribbon.  We just missed the final 4. As I walk back to the barn the adrenaline leaves my body.  After counting faults and cheering and watching with baited breath and waiting, I wonder if I had it in me, if we, if the team could go and do it all again.  If we did, would we be able to fix out mistakes without losing the challenging parts we did so well?

Here we are, the whole NorCal team. All the teams, meter 1.10, 1.20 and 1.30 placed in the top 6 teams. Go Girls! These are our sponsor jackets.  We got jackets, hunt coats, hats, tank tops, saddle pads, and ear covers for the horses.  Thanks, it was a good time had by all!

Here's where you can see some pictures from the first week. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why I Work For Myself

I have just gotten back from a meeting for the tutoring company I work for.  It all came about because I wanted to know what format we were going to used to tutor this summer, because I've heard several different things from several different people. The meeting started at 1pm with two center directors, two educational directors, the owner and myself.  
The meeting ended at 3pm.  What did we accomplish? Nothing.  I have been told the same stuff I knew.  I have a slightly better idea about what the end goal is, but not clue how to get there.  The owner wants SO much he can't put his finger on what needs to get done now.  None of the center directors know much or do much for the tutoring program we were meeting about.  The educational directors write lessons, but they don't ever teach them.  I am the only one who writes lessons and teaches them.  They also pointed out that I'm also the only person who teaches my lessons.  There for, they might be a bit too focused for my teaching style.  
I don't know.  It all felt like a waste of time.  I felt like I was the only one organized and with an idea of what I wanted from the program.  AHHHHH!!!!! doesn't everyone one know my way is best... god! 

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Amy's Wedding

A women that I ride horses with got married this weekend.  We are all very excited for her.  She's an amazing women and deserves to be super happy.  One another note, the barn has chosen to buy Susan, the women who takes all the horse pictures, a new fancy camera.  She was testing it out at the wedding.  Here are a few of the pictures she took. 

Here's Dan & Amy

Yes, we are probably making snarky comments

Here we are at cocktail hour. Me, Apple Jacks, Ms. J and her boyfriend

Waiting for food, please note the look on Apple Jacks face.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Here's another picture of my mom's horse.  At home we call him Uri.  For a show name we picked Undercurrent.  Our, my, tradition is to keep with the Dutch tradition.  They name their horses based on the year they are born.  First letter tells you what year they were born.  Tsunami was born in 2000, Undercurrent was born in 2001.   I'll make sure I don't buy a horse born in 2004... that would have to start with X.  That would be harder then U was.  

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I guess Normal is relative

Last night there was a 3.9 earthquake in Vallejo.  Nothing major happened.  Things shook, people freaked out, and some stuff fell off shelves.  Of course it was on the news ENDLESSLY 'cause really, how often do they have "something" to really talk about. 
Well, Vallejo is about 30 miles from where I live, so I thought nothing of it.  Whatever, it's California, earthquakes happen.  I was getting read for bed and looked into the corner of my closet and there was this.  (Now, i still haven't found the cored to my camera so this is taken with my phone.  To see better you might want to squint.) This is a crack in my well.  This is a new wall, kind of.  It's sheetrock over the original adobe brick.  My guess, the brick moved and the sheetrock didn't... leading to a nice crack in the plaster and paint of my wall.  
Do I get to count this as earthquake damage?

Monday, June 02, 2008

You know My house is NORMAL again when...

you stand at the edge of the lawn to see momma and two spotted baby deer looking up at you with wide eyes and big ears.  Ah, suburban nature!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Birthday

Okay, so yes, my birthday was over three months ago, but Apple Jacks had some technical difficulties.  So three months later my gift arrives. Here's the picture from Etsy.  They are much smaller then they look here, but due to the fact i can't find the cable for my camera I can't show you what they look like in my ears. They are fun and funky and I love them dearly. 

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Many things

Many things have happened and I haven't really been keeping up.  So Ms. E was here and we did stuff.  Like wedding dress shopping. Yet, despite what felt like 57 hrs of dress shopping, no dress was found, but she did find a potential wedding band to go with her ring.

We also went to a baseball game.  I know the Giants were playing, 'cause we were at their stadium but who they were playing... well I think they had red on their uniform... The giants did win, which is a rare thing this year.  We had a good time, drank beer, enjoyed the sun, and eat churros. 
This is the "awesome" picture Apple Jacks took, (he was all proud of himself talking about how he got an A in photo class in high school, that was like 500 years ago).

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ms. E is Coming!

I'm excited and nervous, as to be expected.  She' getting married, we hope, later this year and needs to find a dress.  Since she lives in Iowa, at the moment, she hasn't been exposed to much culture or well... anything other then corn really.  So I made her come out here.  We'll see how it goes.  Her budget is tighter then a Henry the VIII style corset. Thats going to be her, our biggest challenge.  I just want to have a good time and be silly trying on dresses.  We'll see.  
Worst part is, she's here the same time my driveway isn't.  Now, i have a driveway that's about 100 yrd long.  (might be slightly off).  The lay the gravel on Wed. and Thur. Pave on Friday and we can't touch it Sat.  Ms. E gets here Wed night, and leaves Sunday am.  Maybe she'll get to take the first steps up the new asphalt. That would be good.  She was the first college friend to see my house pre-remodel.  Ms. T came during remodel and now Ms. E will see it post remodel but not 100% done.  Will it ever be 100% done... I'm not so sure at this point.  Anyway, the "guest/roommate office" room is ready.  The bed is made and there are even hangers in the closet.  I tried to make the comforter smell like lavender, we'll see.  I get into the hostess thing.

Monday, April 28, 2008

She's back

Being a horse person, I'm quite fearful that saying ANY of this is a total jinx, but at the same time after this weekend I'm also feeling quite confident. Fateful last words, right.  Oh, well I'm going to say it anyway.  Stella's back.  We just had a funaminal weekend.  We had several clear rounds.  We jumped some GREAT jumps.  After some convincing on Lindsay's part I only had a lesson on Saturday, no showing and decided to go on Sunday in the Open (that's Jr., Amateur, and Professionals) Class.  The $7500 Woodside Classic.  Well, we kicked ass.  Out of 30+ competitors only 8 made it into the jump off, Stella and I being one of them. Out we went, laying a carful and clean round.  Meaning we weren't super fast, but we didn't hit any rails.  So over all we go 3rd. For feeling like we were having a hard time coming back into the show season, I now feel like we're in full swing.  Two more shows until Canada!  Come on Stell-Bells lets BRING IT!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I'm getting off the freeway today and there by the side of the road is a crane.  Just looking into the gutter for something to eat after last nights rain i'm guessing.  But here is was 5ft from my car as a zoomed past it at 30 some odd mph.  It didn't even care.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Apple Jacks and I have been dating a year and half now.  This are things and trucking along.  One thing that alway worried me was the friend thing.  His friends, who seem to be a lot of girls, have become my friends, or at least people who I hang out with.  I haven't alway been comfortable calling them my friends.  Most of my friends, Ms. M, Ms. T, and Ms. E all live far away.  As time has gone on these women have become people who I hang out with without Apple Jacks and more and more my friends. So I thought a blog post should be there for them. 

 So here's B, Jen, The Ma, and Me and B's birthday cocktails.
Good times had by all! 

Monday, March 31, 2008

The Ma's Birthday

The Ma wanted to learn to snowboard for her birthday.  Jen and I decided that we'd waste a day of snowboarding and show her what to do.  It's was a beautiful day and I ended up riding in just my tank top for a while.  Yes, i was one of those girls, but it was a good time.  
The Ma and I on the chair lift

The Ma, Me, and Jen chilling in the sun at lunch.


I've been leasing a horse for the past couple months, just to get more time on a horse and more time in the ring.  It's been great, but, this whole sport being a luxury and all, having a second horse has been a bit of stretch so, it's time for Lux to go back home.  I figured I needed to share something about her. A picture or two maybe. Here we are waiting to go into the show ring. Lux is being a bit shy, but she is only 5 so that's understandable.

Despite her young age, she does her job quite well.  We were Champion in our division, as well as having won the Foxfield medal.  I will miss her.  She taught me what i needed her to teach me and i think visa versa as well.  

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Mothers Dream

My mother doesn't dream, or if she does she doesn't remember, but the other night she did, and it was a weird dream. 
She dreamt that she found Apple Jacks in his house, a long low dark ranch style house, "entertaining" some hookers and whores. She was so mad she woke herself up yelling.  Totally disturbing. My mother is dreaming about my boyfriend. She claimed it was a combination of too much CSI: Las Vegas and being ticked off at my dad. 

Friday, February 22, 2008

After almost a week

I can walk fine, but the color is moving across the top of my foot.  Only thing, I can't feel my pinky toe. But really that's probably a good thing.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Stepped On

WARNING: If you have a weak stomach I suggest you skip this post.

On Saturday I was at the barn finishing up getting Lux ready to ride. I was putting on her bridal when she side stepped and crunched my foot.  Being the smart horse she is, when she felt something funny under her foot she teisted around on it to look at it.  As she did this I yanked on her, trying to get her to step off me.  When i did this is just caused her to pushed down harder before she stepped off.
This time felt like it was minutes but I know it wasn't. As the realization hit me that my foot was searing in pain, I chocked out words to the other girl getting her pony ready to tie Lux back up and get another grownup.  
I hobbled, screaming and crying (beyond crying, though i don't know what word that would be) into the tack room and laid on the ground.  My trainers came running in and got me ice, took off my boot and put my foot up.  My pinky toe was a bit bloody, but that was it.  The mud and the way my boot leather was twisted was the only thing I had at that point to show the trauma I felt.  
I kept screaming quietly and shaking my hands trying to get the hot burning pain out of my body when my mom showed up. She was coming out to video me and luckily she showed up right then.  With her motherly wisdom she nixed my idea of putting a boot back on and riding and told me she was bringing me to the emergency room.  
Three hours, five x-rays and no fun pills later, they tell me it isn't broke and I'll be fine in a couple of days.  Oh, and I need a tetanus shot.  That hurt more than my foot.  
Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Too my slight disappointment the colors aren't as vivid in the pictures and my foot isn't nearly as colorful as I hoped, but it is puffy.

Day 1>

Day 2>

Day 3>

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An Early Spring

After 20 minutes of running around outside in the bright sunlight, Mocha, AppleJacks' dog, needed a siesta.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Triangle solo

Yes, that's right.  The Foo Fighters had a triangle solo.  It was a great show, and the triangle solo was only a very small bit.  I've only see the the Foo Fighters at Bridge School. Or at least I think that's the only place.  I'm starting to loose track of all the shows I've been too.  Anyway, this show bumped Damien Rice off the top of my recent shows list.  Yes, I do admit they are totally different shows so even with that I still thought Foo was great.  
They played songs from every album. They did a whole acoustic set on a stage in the middle of the floor that made it feel VERY personal despite the nose bleed seats I had.  It was a great show.  If you have a chance you shouldn't miss out.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Out of Practice

Okay, so I'm so so so out of travel practice.  I was standing in line for security to fly out of the rain and into the sun in Arizona when i realized i didn't have my ziplock bag.  Dear god, how did i forget to put my 3oz liquids into a quart size ziplock.  Ugh.  Thankful there was guy standing there with one in hand for me to use.  I made it safe and sound to the sunny AZ.  I even needed my sunglasses when i got off the plane!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I might not have gotten a raise....

I didn't get my raise at The Academy, the center where I do my non-private tutoring.  Before the holidays I asked for a raise.  I got part of it but in terms of dollars per hour I didn't get shit, though I was asking for a lot more money than I'm making, 40% more.   I was also laughed at by the center manager "No one here makes that much." but she humored me and sent it along to the owner anyway. I haven't heard a thing.  
Today, I heard something... I found out the other women who does the elementary tutor program with me is leaving for the rest of the school year.  What does this mean for me? you might ask.  More money? oh not quite. not without working more thats for sure. I need to absorb all her tutor kids into my schedule.  Meaning I will now be booked from 3:30-6:30 four days a week at a minimum. Somedays I will have kids as early as 2:30 and as late as 8.  Other days I will sub from 7:45am and still tutor until 8pm.  
Oh did I mention that I also need to write reviews and  create lesson plans for ALL the elementary kids now.  Oh, yes, that raise... well I got the more responsibility part but not the money part...hmmm
So for all you Bitches who tell me I don't work hard can F-off 'cause really, the rest of this school year is going to be jam packed with kids. 

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Land In Colorado

My family has property in a subdivision, The Reserve on Elkhorn Ridge, in Fraser Colorado.  It's a small town in the Fraser Valley, home to the Winter Park ski resort. Last spring my brothers and I went out to look at the bark beetle situation.  Over the past few years the bark beetles have gotten worse and worse.  The Homeowners Association required we cut down dead and infected trees and spray to save others.  We ended up cutting down over 500 trees and spraying 250 more on out 12 acres.  My parents ended up cutting down all the trees under 6 in. in circumference, almost everyone on their lot. 
It's a mess.  If you look at the number of trees left in The Reserve it is pitiful, but the number of green trees is outstanding compared to the rest of the valley.  Google maps recently updated its image of the valley and I was floored when i saw it. I had to call my brother and have him look at it and he was floored as well.  

These are pictures are from the spring visit. 
Here, other than the juvinal moose, you can see some of the infected trees
This image is of The Reserve and reminds me of how green it was this past spring but you can still see a few brown trees out there.  

The link to the google maps is The Reserve at Elkhorn Ridge.  You'll be looking right at my brother and I's property (between the road and the meadow with an old jeep trail in the middle of it).  To the North is my parents property, now almost naked and treeless.  If you zoom out two and look toward the north west, into the valley, it gives a true perspective of the damage the bark beetles have done.  All that brown is dead infected trees.  Not only is it a bark beetle infection issue, but all those dead trees are basically kindling.  If there is any remote fire, the whole valley will be gone.  I sound like such a hippy but I've never had anything like this effect me so personally.  

Friday, January 18, 2008

House Pics come in instalments

New Couch in the family room

The New Bedroom