Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Rest of my week---end

Okay, so there was the dog. Dog issue solved. Now i'm also in the process of having a new roommate move in so she came over with her mom and her mom's little dog. They left, we took the dog to animal shelter. I came home in time to take a shower and head over to my brother and sister-in-law's house to celibrat her birthday. They served spagetti. Now those of you who know me, you know spagetti... not so good for me, that whole TOMATO thing. So i ate it, not too bad. About half way through i stated to feel funny... not so good. With a quezy tummy and more i left around 8:15 to get home around 8:45 and need the "facilities". I flush and... to my HORRAR it doesn't do anything. I turn on the sink and no water comes out. After and whinny call to my parents we find the main water line to the house (which corssed mid-air over a creek) is spraying water. Happy happy joy joy. Right when i really need it. So my dad (who's working hard to pass a kidney stone) finds the shut off valve and breaks two tools trying to turn it off. Finially, water off. But i can't stay where there is no water so i'm up the hill to spend the night in a twin bed at my parents house, where at 11:00pm i'm so glad the water does work and i vomit up every piece of spagetti.
The NEXT DAY... Sunday. A guy comes out and fixes the pipe (thank god). I pack up all my track tires and tork wrench and start my 4 hour drive (with some minor intestinal explosions) to Button Willow, CA. (Details of that will come soon). But i have spent about 13 hours being trashed about in either the passanger seat or drivers seat on the race track.
I am now home again (for two days) while some guys work on cutting down some trees that we are worried will take out the sewer line and water line, and my water is turned off and i have a good two hours to catch my breath

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dog update

So the dog has been given to Animal Control, after she peed on two of my carpets and pooped on an other. Oh yeah and she peed on the carpet i gave her to sleep last night. Fun, fun, fun. I feel the appreshation. But hopfully she'll find a home, and when i have time i'll get my self my own dog.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Tag Your F*ING DOGS!!!!

A cute lovable black female pit bull mix.
She has a purple coller, an invisible fence coller and some sort of green and black turtle neck thing on. She has NO TAGS. No number, no name, and at the moment no home.

I have been to all my neighbors homes, knocking on their doors, hearing their tales of my father and no one even knows of someone with a pit bull. Come one people, how far do i have to go to be a good person!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

My week with Emily and Steve

This is Emily, Steve and I at Muir Woods. Lots of big trees and mud. But we did see some deer (one pregers or just REALLY fat) froliking... that was okay.

This is the park kind of near my house. It's like between Orinda and Berkeley. The view was cool but that hill was tough to climb.

St. Patty's Day

Me all ready to go out and have fun at The Orb at Bimbos... To bad we kind of got stuck in The City. THANK YOU MAYA for saving our asses!

Duncan waiting for BART into The City

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Done with the mood

Okay, so i'm done. Three posts worth of bad mood Aundra and i'm done people no worries. I had a great St. Patty's day. Saw The Orb with a friend of mine and it was cool. There was no way to be there and listen to that music and still be in a bad mood, though while i was walking around i did see some people in a bad mood, it was disapointing. Anyway, other than having to call me friend, who just flew in from the east cost to pick my friend and i's incompitant asses up, and having to walk like a mile in highheel shoes, It was great night. Any holiday that has dressing up as and option i'm down for.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Btich 2

So there is that. Next is the wonderful job thing but i think my previous post covered that.
Next is a bit more personal and i'm really going to come off as a lazy ass snob, but if you know me and you're reading this you know that's only part (3/4) true. The house cleaner put a dryer sheet in with my sheets and now i'm itchy. Once again if you don't know, my skin doesn't like much. Doesn't like stuff that smells (good or bad) is colored, or really anything. My skin is much more high mateniece than I am (yeah i know I'm totally nuts just go with it). And yes i did re-wash my sheets, myself but when the exama comes well... it likes to say a while. Easy to get hard to go.
So i'm single, jobless (kind of), and have a rash on my cheek, back of my neck, and inside my writs. FUN. yes, i'm not startving, or living under comunist rule or worried about money but really...
Oh yes the wonderful California weather. It's raining. It feels like it's been raining for over a month, and really it has. Around the 15th of Feb. it started raining and it hasn't stopped. Well, that's an exageration but one maybe two days after six of rain... yeah IT'S CALIFORNIA!!!! Shit, i'm doing my best with the whole global warming thing why is it punishing me with all this rain (yes it is all about ME!!!!)
Oh and my personal trainer's (yes i am a snob) wife had a baby and i haven't gotten to work out for a week and a half and i miss it. I think this is much more wining than bitching but... I miss feeling the burn. It burns more when someone is making you do it then when you do it yourself. I stop when it starts to hurt, scott makes me do it one more time... I miss Scott.

Bitch 1

Okay, now i just feel the need to bitch. I think it's a bit of PMS, a dash of self pitty, and a sprinkle of just endless shitty as weather.
I'll just go, start with what comes in my head first. Bryce has a new girlfriend. Now, if you don't know Bryce... he was my HS bo. We were best friends for a few months, i was faced with a chose about what boy to date and i picked Bryce. Bryce feel into my family like the rice cooker. He's as close with me as he is my mother... well he did tell my mom about the GF before me, so that should say something. Now don't get me wrong here, i DON'T want to date "B". Been there, done that, did it again when i knew i shouldn't have and never need to do it again. He's a great guy and everyone wants their good friends to be happy, just not happier than they are... by like five tons. And the last thing you want to hear them say is "So when are you getting a boyfriend?" like it's as f-ing easy as going out to buy the latest computer gagget. "Oh, well i've been meaning to stop by B&B (Boyfriends and Beyond) but it just keeps slipping my mind. And really, I've heard they are coming out with a version that makes the bed, does dishes, and has a 401K!" Yeah f-ing right.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Not Just gloatting

Okay, so I'm not just tooting my own horn... I'm just talking about my day.
So, today i was in a first grade classroom. I've been in this classroom once for half a day this week and once for a full day about three weeks ago. Now, I might work in Orinda, but that doesn't in any way make it easy. Yes, the first graders can read, can do math, are at state level but still. There are two kids who are special needs to the point they have their own aide and spend about two hours actually with the class. Not to tough right. Now there is one kid, a boy, defend and talkative. Constantly talking, not loud, but pulling everyone around him off topic. The three normal boys who really want to just talk, whistle, lean back in there chairs. That's four of the 20 kids who are talking... walking... ect. Now the girls, we have the two special needs. Two girls are GIRLS, pre-teen attitude but so sweet to your face. So, not the hardest class in the world, I've subbed some that are harder ones but NOT easy.
Well, it wasn't a HARD day but i was a bit of a hard ass on them when i needed to be but i always try to complement them when they are being great. Positive reinforcement is always better than negative.
Okay, fine I'll get to the point. Well, the classroom aide called me to tell me how happy she was with me as a sub. She continually praised me for how great it was to have me be there in the class. It was great, i was all red and so happy to be praised.
But there is a part of me that's like "Yes, I am a great teacher, WHY WON'T PEOPLE HIRE ME!!!" It's frustrating. Not to come across this way, but I know I'm a good teacher. I know it's my calling. I know it's what i should be doing, and i know I'm great. I also know that everyone who's been in the classroom with me, watched me teach all day has told me how proud they are of me, of how i teach, or how i work with the kids. Why can't i convey that in interviews? Why don't people see that, why do they see a young bubble girl? Ugh, okay I'm done but really.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Top Model

Okay i'll admit it. I LOVE america's next top model. I don't always agree with who wins. This season I haven't figured out who's my favorite, but i'm into it. I want to know when they dress up like faries (there are pic. of them as faries so...) Well, You should watch it. Wed. at 8p, and don't wory if you miss it, 'cause the last weeks show is on the Tue. night before. WATCH IT PEOPLE!!!!!
Top Model

Sunday, March 12, 2006

VW (Oh yeah Baby)

VW ad.

You have to check out these VW ads for the new GTI

SNOW in NorCal!!!

I know for all my east coasters this isn't really snow, but for Cali, to wake up and see snow on your deck... that's amazing.

I know I need a digital camera but there is snow, the sun just makes it hard to see.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Beer Pong

So i thought i should promote my buddies buiz.He's the Beer Pong Daddy. Oh, yes, the father of the World Series of Beer Pong. If you don't belive me check out the vidieo at PLAYBOY INTERVIEW He's the one on the Right, Mr. Duncan.

New Couch

I got a new couch, thanks Ikea.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


I got a new TV! It's a step up. I've always had TV's that were "hand me downs" from my parents. One time they picked up their TV from my house in Portland (i think i switched with them... or up graded i can't remember) and the TV was being used by my roommates at the time (the only couple I've ever lived with) and my parents got home, and found a video in the VCR (yes it was the time when we still used VCRs!) The video was a porn. I had to convince them over the years that it wasn't mine.
Anyway, I got a new TV, it's all mine, and i won't be finding other people's porno in it.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Stripper Song

If you know me, you know this is no surprise!

Your Stripper Song Is
Toxic by Britney Spears
"With the taste of your lips
I'm on a ride
You're toxic
I'm slippin' under"
You may dance for someone - but only to weaken their defenses.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Tasha's Request

This is Abbie this V-day, eating Chocolate
This is the Pic Tasha was talking about. She is
about one year old.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Okay so this is my niece. She is 17 months. She is the smallest happiest and greatest baby in the whole world. Tasha even though she is cute. And for those of you who know Tasha, you know she's not too big of a fan of babies. Well this is Abbie.

Abbie under the X-mas Tree at Tahoe

Abbie with her Dad (Ian) sporting the baby mullet at her 1st birthday!
(Her mom won't let her get her hair cut)

Abbie with Granddad during x-mas. She is such a happy kid.

This is Abbie with Granddad and Mom (Amy) at Halloween. She was a fish. Granddad was just crazy but she thought it was funny!

AVS Specialists

Okay so here is a bit on cars. This is my shop. Not like my show I own it or even work there but I go there. I take my cute blue A4 there for any reason and give Ron and Eddie a hard time. They come to Audi Club events with us, well really I go with them. Anyway, this was a review I found on the shop and you know... I'm just a sharing type of person!

Re: Good repair shop for our out-of-warranty VW's (Feb 2005)
I can recommend a new shop that I had a wonderful experience with. It is AVS Specialists (510-981-1837) and is in Berkeley at 2210 San Pablo a couple of blocks south of University, next to Omega 2.
They only work on Audis and Volkswagens. The owner, Eddie Delgado [he kicks ass], has been working on Audis and VWs for over 15 years. He did a thorough inspection of my car and figured out what was going on with it and what needed to be done. He made sure I clearly understood what work needed to be done now, as well as what could be postponed, helping me save money. While Eddie was explaining all this to me, he treated me like I was an intelligent person who didn't need to be talked down to because I am not especially versed in the inner workings of cars.
He fixed my car the same day I dropped it off! He [probably Tieara] even gave me a ride and picked me up from the BART station. Their number is 510 981-1837. I highly recommend AVS.
finally found a great auto repair shop.

This is Ian, my brother, in his 1980's Audi 4000. He's tweaked it a bit. I drove it twice at an event when my car wasn't so happy and spun it TWICE!!! It drove so different than mine. Not so forgiving. But he drives it really well. Good thing it's his car.

This is my in my old Audi. Princess Pearl. She is/was a great car. Eddie has her still. I'm trying to get him to sell her to a friend of mine but he says it remind him of me too much. Whatever, I just don't think it's running so well any more. I mean she is 16 years old. She is old enough to drive herself!

My Barn

So i've been a bit focused on the first part of my title, but hey my next car thing isn't for a while so that will be addressed then. So i though i would show you all my barn's web site. There are pictures of me and Tsunami (my pervious horse) and of other clinents and such. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Okay, okay so I know I'm a 25 year-old who still babysits, but it's good money and easy money... Well some times. I only really work for two families, one with three kids (T, M, & E) and one with two (J & M). I work for the first family the most. T is 14, M is 12, and E is 9. T and I are cool. We get along, he listens to me sometimes (most of the time) and I get to hear all about it high school life (god how it has changed). E is a girl and we tend to just find pictures on line and color them in. One time we made word searches and an other mazes, it's fun. Now M is a different story. He's middle kid all the way. Pissed at the world, emotional, volatile, the works. One time I was taking all of them out for a movie. Now in CA if you're under 12 or 13 you can't sit in the front seat. I'm obviously not 100% on this rule. So I told M that he could sit up front, but then his brother T reminded me of the rule. I GREATLY apologists to M and told him he needed to move back. After asking 5-6 times, he gets out, pushed his brother out of the way, SLAMS the door, flicks me off, and walks back to the house. I call his mother and she's just like, fine leave him there. So that's M.
Now, last night the boys were told by their mom that they were NOT to interact. (yeah right). So I keep trying to encourage them to leave each other alone. At 8:30pm is when M needs to take a shower and get into bed. I'm letting the boys watch TV, some bad movie about BMX biking. 8:30 hits and I tell M he has to go shower, I tell him about 12 times. He rolls over on the couch, he moans, he gets up and falls back on the couch. Finally he starts to really get up. He take a step behind me and grabs his brothers shoe and goes to attack him with them. Now I step in front of M, push him (gently) back on to the couch and tell him: I'm not putting up with that shit from him. He needs to go take a shower and get ready for bed. Now I did say this in a bit of anger Aundra rage way but really I was done with it.
So he leaves, and I hear the phone. He calls his mom, who is at a Cal. Basketball game, and tells her (I'm over hearing though the wall) that "Aundra is like freaking out!" Whatever dude, TAKE A SHOWER. So he gets off, procrastinates a bit on the shower, but finally does as I've asked. It was amazing though, after that he was like good kid again. I guess sometime you just need to scare the b-Jesus out of them... hmmm good to know.
PS> Mom totally didn't care. But I did find out that her husband and she are separating... That's kind of sad, there were this great biking, out doors, active family. (She use to be a fire jumper!) I guess life is never easy


This is me and Stella. She is an amazing horse. Her father is Pikadero, an amazing stallion. She takes great care of me, as I do her. There are times i bitch about her. But when it counts she's there for me. I'm very lucky to have her and I hope she feels the same way about me.

A blog

So I stop by my parents house one evening and my mom looks up at me from the couch and says "What's a Blog?" Well I think that, along with one of my best friends having a blog and suddenly finding myself with more free time, has spirred me to start a blog.
Well I guess I'll talk about the title... Well I ride horses, do a bunch of car stuff with my Audi. For me, that sums me up. I was going to add kids on my list but I thought that would be a little inappropriate. The kids thing... I'm also a teacher.
Well that's it. That's my first rant.