Tuesday, October 31, 2006


This Halloween I got to spend a bit of time with AIA and the folks. I keep wondering what we did a bit more than two years ago before Abbie... life must have been boring. But anyway, I don't have any pics of my gogo out fit but my dad did call me Barbie if that means anything... I'm not sure it does. Well, i limited myself of pics but these I had to share."swick-o-sweat"
Only in Berkely do you get Organic cookies, a toothbruch, tooth paste and M&M's
But her favorite were the sweat tarts. Mmmm kitty loves sour!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Fall Back

This weekend was not only the time change for me, well for all really except Arizona sometimes, but I also did a lot of "falling back" off the sides of mountians at Yosemite. Apple Jacks, me and 20+ other of his friend's friends' friends spent the weekend up in California's greatest National Park.

As much as I wish this was a picture of me, I didn't bring and don't own a digital camera so..., but this gives you an idea of what I was doing. Just an idea.

Anywas, it was fun. The loads of people were a bit hard to handle. The fact Apple Jacks fell asleep at 8pm durring the Pot Luck dinner with all these people i didn't know around me and left me to survive wasn't to bad. (It was his grumpy, i feel sick, pre coffee pissyness that truly was annoying.) I did some great climbs. The longest climb I've ever done at 60 meters. It was a great climb with a great view of a medow and the opposite side wall of the valley. And dispite my nerviousness about being around 20+ strangers (I knew six of them before I came) it wasn't that bad. Nature is a beautiful thing.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Addition To The Side Bar

Okay Okay so after some technical difficulties I think it's fixed. Enjoy!

Disney has ruined many a generation

It's 7:56am and I'm laying in bed totally not wanting to get up when I hear "rrrrvvvooom" going down the road near my house. You know what I hate? I hate that there is a part of me that hopes that thinks this is Apple Jacks on his motorcycle coming to say good morning, coming to surprise me 'cause we didn't have a chance to talk last night. Is this possible? Not really. a) his motorcycle is not 100% put back together. b) he should be either in a train or a car on his way to work c) my house is in NO way shape of form on the way to his work.
Why am I like this? I can only think of one thing that has perpetually made these dreams of being put on a pedestal, being made to feel like a princess, on one thing... Disney. Years of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Little Mermaid, even Robin Hood telling me that my prince will come and sweep me off my feet. He will be cute and charming and bring me little thoughtful gifts for no reason. He'll chase down every women in the kingdom to try on a shoe just 'cause we dance all night. He will charge though a forest of thicket and slay a dragon. He'll battle the witch of vanity to save me. He'll fall in love with my song and still fall in love with my voiceless charm and beauty. He'll battle my evil uncle to right the wrongs of the world.
These are my example of love, of romance. At times do they make me want to puke? Yes. But at others I want a guy who will sleep on my parents porch to see me first thing in the morning 'cause he couldn't wait (My father for my mom.)
I know life is never a movie. I know life is never perfect. I know these are dreams. I just hate that they are dreams. I hate their impossibility, they non reality.

Monday, October 23, 2006


My mother adopted/resuced a Fox Terrier. He's a bundle of energy... pulled me along while I was running this morning. He'd look at me whenever I walked and be like "Hey, Why are you walking? Running is WAY more fun!" But anyway, here he is.

Friday, October 20, 2006

AIA vs Apple Jacks

That's right. I can't mention the meeting and not do a follow up. And yes Apple Jacks was late but he tried and you can only control traffic so much. It's just a lot to ask. A guy who normally doesn't get home 'til 8 to ask him to get home two hours earlier... that's a bit time difference. So, 20 min late, not to bad.
All in all it was great. Abbie made an effort to be comfortable with him, which is saying a lot for a two year old. He talked a bunch with Ian about cars and other stuff that I partially zoned out for. He talk with both Ian and Amy about Syracuse (yes I did have to look up how to spell it and yes they all went to the same college). I totally zoned out for that, something about crazy squirrels and dorms and different restaurants. I wanted to interject about the squirrel that got shaved at Lewis and Clark but I couldn't get a word it. That and Abbie was way more entertaining than the conversation about a dark, cold, gray place I've been to once.
At one point Apple Jacks tickled Abbie's feet and it made me smile. The cutest thing was when she walked off to bed and said "Night Night Apple Jacks." (No she did not say Apple Jacks but I'm still not ready for his name to go, though most people who read this know who he is... but it's way more fun to call him Apple Jacks.)
All in all it was good. I got the call the next morning for the AIA update/approval of Mr. Apple Jacks. And that I will keep to myself. That's mine at the moment. If you need to know I'm sure I'll tell you soon but in all everyone can know it was great food, decent wine, and good conversation.

Monday, October 16, 2006

My weekend

This weekend I was up in Sac for a "local" horse show. After showing in Canada and doing some hard shows in the LA area I just don't quite have the same respect for my smaller shows any more. Anyway, enough of my snobbery, I'll keep it simple for everyone and just say. I did well over all. Not stellar, but not to shabby. I think I might have won enough money to pay for most of the show costs.
On another note. Apple Jacks. Yes, things are still good. I would have liked for him to come to the horse show but he was up in Seattle for work and to hang out with some friends. He had one realization while gone that he told me about that I feel is blog worthy. That is, it's hard to have friends who live far away. (No Shit... Try your three closest friends living far away!) I think, or hope at least, that he has a new grasp on what my friendships with my three away girls is like. Who knows, he's a boy, I'll never understand what goes on in his head.
But Apple Jacks may be blessed with a new name and a character to go with it. That's right. Tony the Tiger. And no it has nothing to do with the fact that I think he's "GREEEAAATTTT" but it has to do with his flakiness. Not just flakiness, I mean I could have gone for special K with that was all, but his FROSTED flakiness. It has to do with the fact that in my life time, the 100,000's of flights I have taken, I have never totally utterly forgotten and missed my flight. That takes talent, and my boy has it. So for this entry he will be Tony. He will be my giant frosted flake. And one day, some day soon I hope 'cause we have dinner plans with the first family group, AIA, he'll be timely.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

And People Say Cali Doesn't Have Seasons!

Willow Springs

This is a video of the tack I spend Monday and Tuesday going around and around.
Here a map of the track. The key hole on the upper left brings you up hill. Turn three goes up, four is flat, and five is down hill. The rest is flat. Turn four is the only turn that I wasn't floored coming out. It was an amazing track, fast. Exited turn 1 at 85, turn 2 at 90. I entered turn 8 at 100-105.

What was the best, and is always my favorite, part is the instructing. My student was great. He was a quick learner, had smooth hands, great at tracking out (the exit part of the turn). By his last run he was entering the fast turns at the same speed I was (he had more horse power [as most do out there] so was able to get up to speed out of the corners faster than I was) and being smooth, safe, and carrying that speed well. He didn't exit as fast as I did, but he was doing great.

What was also great was my former student from Button Willow who was back down again. He had a different instructor, which is good. He's chipped his S4 Avant, got tiers, and soon will get breaks. He was having a blast out there. It was great to see his use the basics I drilled into him the first time. Two rules: 1) You don't brake while turning or turn while you're still braking. 2) Whatever speed you enter a corner, that's the speed you picked, you can't lift and go slower or break or anything. That's the speed you picked, that's what you, at the very least have to maintain.

It was a good, long, exhausting, two days.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Roomies

This is Sam and Sophie. They are only estimated to be 8 weeks... yet they aren't even 2 lbs yet and are smaller than my shoes! SO CUTE!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I've been feeling the need to blog. To vent... to chat... to get some shit off my chest. But last time I did this... wrote on a whim... I pissed some people off... so I'm thinking before I'm writing (If you know me, you know this is not something that comes naturally). So... here is my thinking before speaking.
This has been a hard week for me. Starting at midnight on Saturday night or Sunday morning all depending... it started to unravel. I guess I started to unravel. It was almost like PMS... yet not the right time for that. So I've become nit-picky... Temperamental... Needy... Short fused... and roughly a bit unstable. And of course who is most effected by this but Apple Jacks. Who do I lean on, pull on, want everything from... but Apple Jacks...
Is this where I want to be when we've only known each other a month? NO! I am I putting pressure on myself because I'm putting pressure on him? YES! Do I want to do that? Hells, NO! Ugh, so am I only making myself pissier and shorter fused 'cause I'm pushing... which is making me push more... AHHHH it's a f-ing spiral. Maybe I just need a but load of chocolate... or some shopping!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Abbie's B-day

Egg On My Face

Apple Jacks and I have been seeing each other new almost a month. I've told my closest friends, my eldest brother, and my mom and dad. But who I havn't told was Ian, Amy and Abbie. "Why," you might ask, "have I not told my closest of relitives?" It's been busy. Abbie had her second birthday and I've been out of town... it just hasn't been great timing. But, while I was out of town, in AZ with my mom, my dad had dinner with AIA (Amy, Ian, Abbie). At this dinner he mentioned I was seeing someone. I'm sure, knowing my dad, he was fuzzy on the details, but none the less...
Tonight, I sit at the table with AIA, I'm babysitting, and squeal, "So, I'm seeing someone." And they look at me straight faced and say, "We know, you Dad told us." Ugh... Here is my closest family branch and I got caught sharing something big with other branches. But, they had fun making fun of me, and then asked questions. They'll meet him soon. You ready Apple Jacks?