Monday, January 29, 2007

Thurmal Week 1

Okay, the show season has started again. This year we kick it off at a new facility down in Thurmal CA near Palm Springs, about five min. from the old facility. Overall, it was new. Trees still tied up, footing not settled, tents not up. It's like anything new, it needs some time to grow into itself. And I guess in a way I need to grow into my riding at this facility. With that, I'll say at least I get to go back down and prove myself next weekend.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No WHAT Left Behind

Okay, so yeah I'm not really a teacher, but i do spend about a day a week in the classroom and spend three hours a day with kids tutoring. I started teaching when No Child Left Behind was first implemented. I've worked in schools that were taken over by the government because they had failed two years in a row. The children weren't "performing" so they didn't test at level, so the school got less money. Yeah that big giant HUGH that is going through your head makes you wonder... really this is the way to NOT leave children behind. Two years of that and The Man comes in. The Man tries to make things better. Normally, everyone gets fired or quits. They higher new, young, influential, sometimes "working" credentialed teachers. These teachers get paid less. You're thinking why didn't they do that before so the kids could have the money... oh cause you can't. Teachers in CA get tenure after two years. You can't get rid of them. Good, great, bad, ugly, whatever. But The Man can. So now The Man has more money, and the kids get up to date new books. They get tutoring after school 'cause they slipped it into the new young teachers contracts. Here I am getting ready to go sub and listening to our prized leader talk about pushing NCLB even farther. This is why I don't listen to the news.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Yeah I went blue for the "bluest day of the year".

Friday, January 19, 2007

My Wednesday

I'm driving down the main road in Orinda. I had stopped at Starbucks to get my fix before I tutor. I'm chatting on the phone with Ms. E (yeah I drive and talk, that's just how it is. Really I do anything and talk... I'm a talker). I go under the freeway/bart overpass and pass the small row of cars waiting to turn left at the light. Their light is red (silly arrows) and my light is green. I keep tooling along chatting as if I do this everyday... oh wait! I DO do this every day. I'm looking down the road ad I'm already to far along to stop if the light changes (it's still very green) when I hear this wonderful CRACK and feel my car get shoved a bit to the right. I look in my mirror and there is the front end of a 328is BMW with it's nose half way into my lane. I pull over and the BMW follows.

THIS is what I saw when I got out of my car:

Upon closer inspection I noticed a part of the lovely pointless little "thing" that runs along the bottom had been broken off, as well as some paint missing

Oh and these scratches are just beautiful, really add some personality to my car.

Luckily enough I called my insurance and unlike the accident I was in back in October (yes I've been in three in four months) the other parties insurance is claiming fault and I don't have to pay a dime. Sadly I will be without my car for a few weeks.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Jackson Hole

Well, I'm back to the real world. Jackson Hole was great. It was such a lovely vacation. Apple Jacks and I stayed at the Alpine House. It was three blocks from the center of town and a 45 min bus ride from the ski resort.
These are pictures of the room. I should have taken them when we first walked in, not after we unpacked a bit 'cause or shit all over the place doesn't do the room justice.

In the corner was a gas stove that would heat the whole room. It was great!

We didn't watch the TV once. A true vacation!

This was the view from the top of the mountain to the peak across the valley. Apple and I walked into the hut to warm up a bit after I took this picture and in the 10 min we were in there the snow and fog came in and we couldn't see more than 10 feet in front of us, let alone across a valley.

There are more pics to come. My new digital camera didn't like the cold so much and the battery drained really fast, but I bought a disposable one and will put those pictures up as soon as I find the camera and develop it!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Everyone Stop Worrying

This is for my family. Things are fine. New Years was calm and good. Tahoe was beautiful. When we left at 4am the full moon was reflecting off the lake.
I'm in Jackson Hole now, enjoying the slightly icy snow and good company. The place we're staying is right downtown and it's a cold, easy walk to the square. My freak out, which my friends know come and go, passed. All has been well. The snow here is like the snow at home just a bit less icy, cause it doesn't get warm here. We're due for a storm tonight so good snow should be here soon, though I don't know when we're getting snow at home.