Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tasha's Visit

I know I'm a week late for this post but I've been busy. The next posts will put it into perspective.
Anyway, Tasha was here, we shopped, drank, got massaged, sailed, and hung out. She sent me some pictures:

check them out

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The ending

I'm not sure why I picked that title but hopfully by the time you reach the ending of this post you'll have some sort of understanding. Ms. T came out to sunny california for a visit. We haven't seen eachother for over a year. If you look back on my blog and her blog you'll see that we've both changed a fair amount in that year. Change is good, healthy, & normal. We both lead lives that are not only drastically different than eachother's lives but also from the life we shared in college.
Having not seen Ms. T for so long I wanted to make sure we had a good time, did everything she wanted to do, enjoy eachother and give her a view and possible an understanding of my life. I'd worked hard over the past few weeks looking up craft shops, bars, spas, ect for our activities. I recruited friends to join us and apple jacks to participate, taking us out on his sailboat to watch the blue angels. after all of that planning... its done. Ms. T is on a plane home. I'm back to small children and mailing packages. Part of me is happy to have some time too myself (all of 36 hours). Another part is exhausted and wants to go to bed. yet, there is still a part of me that feels empty. dispite some drama and stress that started off the trip the end of it all feels heavy and anticlimactic. I want to be wrapped in a big warm hug... I want hot coco with marshmallows... I want to sit and read and knit... I want to wallow in this heavy blanket of self pitty, doubt, lonlyness, emptyness, and anticlimactic drama. But I won't. It is the end of Ms. T's visit but there are 6000 things I have to do. Teachers to sub for, kids to tutor, people to see, legs to wax, toes to paint, stuff to pack and wash before NY on Wed. An end always make the beginning of something else... right. I just want something Obama, that's the name of my Drama Llama, free.