Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jeans vs Shoes

Why is it I will spend a lump sum on shoes but not jeans? I'll wear the jeans about 100 times more than the shoes but $100 on cute shoes, that I put on and love... I'll think once, but never twice. But jeans... I've worn though two pairs of jeans in the past month and I have a third pair on their way out. So now I'm here looking for a pair to replace the pair I love so much that I've had for 5 years... but it's so hard. Fucking jeans!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The AMAZING Silversun Pickups! I'm sorry for the V-cast ad, but really Rusted Wheel... one of my FAVORITE songs (though I'm not sure any of these videos give them any justice). They made the Shins look like a garage band. One thing this video doesn't show is their stage presence. He made it feel like they were playing for you. And check out the drumer's symbol like 6 feet in the air. He was mesmerizing to watch. If you have the chance go see them. If you don't love them I'll pay for your f-ing ticket (not really but you know what I mean). And yes, you can ask anyone if the bay who saw both shows. The Shins were a sad state in comparison. Not bad on their own but really... really!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Pebble Beach

So, I wrote this little blog on my fancy cell phone all ready to send it but for some reason the publish button wasn't working so... sadly I'm not writing this while breathing in the freash ocean air and watching the waves crash on the rocks. But this past weekend was the first time in 20 years of showing at Pebble Beach that I went to the beach while I was there. It was nice.
But what was nice was that I won the $5000 Open Jumper Stake. This was a class open to professioal and non professionals like me. Well, yes I won. I didn't will $5000 so don't come asking me for money but I did get a nice chunk that should pay for most of the show. I did beat both my trainers as well as a few other "big" NorCal trainers. I was (and still am) super excited. What a way to start a show year! Well, that and Lindsay and Matt have been kicking my as of late so I guess it's paying off and I'm kicking ass right back!