Monday, March 31, 2008

The Ma's Birthday

The Ma wanted to learn to snowboard for her birthday.  Jen and I decided that we'd waste a day of snowboarding and show her what to do.  It's was a beautiful day and I ended up riding in just my tank top for a while.  Yes, i was one of those girls, but it was a good time.  
The Ma and I on the chair lift

The Ma, Me, and Jen chilling in the sun at lunch.


I've been leasing a horse for the past couple months, just to get more time on a horse and more time in the ring.  It's been great, but, this whole sport being a luxury and all, having a second horse has been a bit of stretch so, it's time for Lux to go back home.  I figured I needed to share something about her. A picture or two maybe. Here we are waiting to go into the show ring. Lux is being a bit shy, but she is only 5 so that's understandable.

Despite her young age, she does her job quite well.  We were Champion in our division, as well as having won the Foxfield medal.  I will miss her.  She taught me what i needed her to teach me and i think visa versa as well.