Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My House

Okay, so I've been remodeling my house, well my parents and my house. I've been avoiding going down to it for several reasons, time, time, time. That and I wanted to see a CHANGE not a slow progression. So tonight I stopped by. Last time I was there, walls were up and the roof had just been put on, no skylights, no windows, no doors.
Tonight, I stopped by. Now, I don't have children, but seeing this house is like watching a child grow up. I'm seeing it become, go beyond my expectations. I walk through, looking at the closet, looking at the skylights, the sliding doors, the bathtubs, and I'm proud. I'm excited. I can't wait until the next step is done! I can't wait to see the Sheetrock go up, the floor go down, the kitchen cabinets go in. See it grow and change into everything I imagined it to be.
For anyone who's an artist, who's poured their heart, tears, anger, (and parents' blood sweat and tears) into something to see it become everything you've hopped. I'm so excited! No Pictures! Not until it looks like a house and no longer a construction site!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I've spent my first day back in a classroom. I was lucky it was only a half day of kindergarten class of 15 kids. It let me ease in. I have a few more days books to sub already. Back into the swing of things I guess. Schools back in and summer is gone. I now no longer tutor kids in the ease of mid morning, I now have kids from 3:30pm until 8pm three days a week. For most this is not a long day, but were talking about me here. I still have one other job to fill in those 6 working hours, it's going well, and i time suck of a hobby. I'm not bitching here, I'm just writing.... the season is changing and busy is back. And it's hopefully going to be less of train wreck then Britney.
Ah well, the day went well. My voice is horse, my back aches and it's all a good feeling again. The information about kids that sits in my head that I don't use that comes out when I'm in front of kids amazes me. I'm glad I've still got it. I'm glad there is a small part of me that misses it. I'm glad I didn't apply to jobs this year. I think that would have burnt me out. So hopefully it will be a good year not too full of subbing but just enough to keep me busy.... busier.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Lots has happened.
Apple Jacks and I have been dating a year! Who'd a Thunk. We had one of the best anniversaries I've ever had. He took me to a great dinner and surprised me with tickets to the one and only Silversun Pickups! He even bought them early (having to sign up on a radio website) so they wouldn't sell out!!! Thank You Babe!
We Urbans welcome Violet to the world. That's right, my sister-in-law, Amy, popped and the baby. This one was born when she was due and not three days late and three pounds heavier like Abbie.
I went to a track event and it was wonderfully uneventful! I've realised I can't make my car go any faster without putting more money into it. Ugh, too many expensive hobbies.
I went to Iowa and came back. I saw Emily and Steve. Meet their dog Rudra. I saw a lot of corn and sadly no glow bugs, but all my back east friends say that's good, 'cause I'd only see them if it was humid.
I think that's it... but the first two are big, not to under cut the last two.