Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pebble Week 1

Yes, I have mentioned Pebble Beach as horse show a few times already, but I'm back for two weeks. Week 1 went well, other than the day Apple Jacks came to watch. For some reason he has yet to see me ride as well as I'd been riding the days before... is he bad luck, brings a bad vibe to my horse shows... hmmm, I'm guessing Menlo might truly test that. Anyways, here's my first day, with a relaxed Stella jumping the dog fence which was meant to be 4'6" but wasn't quite. Oh well.
This is me getting second in the $10,000 4ft Derby. I'm totally excited about it because the guy who won (he was the only other person in the jump off {that's the part that "counts"} with two horses but he had 5 horses in the whole class, meaning only 2 of those 5 made it to the jump off) did it on his world cup, 5' jumps, horse. Hmmm... So yeah, I'm a) not a professional b) not jumping 5' c) and I only had 1 horse in the class and I got second. Hells Yeah! Now I just have to bring it next week.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I am not talking about the chemical, I'm talking about the cat. My family's cat. She died today at the ripe old age of 21. She was a great cat, I wanted to name her pussy, but luckily my wiser older brothers stopped me. We actually thought she died before. She had been missing for several days and we found a tuft of orange fur in the back yard. We assumed she was attacked by a coyote and buried the remaining fur and skin. A few days later in limped Asbestos. "The Cat Came Back" song had never been to true, or more played after that day. Her meow was also never the same.
She's been banished to the attic for 14 years (my mom became allergic when we came back from Switzerland) and has made it her happy home. At one point she weighed over 20 lb, her belly almost dragging on the ground, but once we stopped giving her mixing bowls of food she lost weight. She would drool when you pet her and would purr whenever she was around you. She is a great cat and will be dearly missed.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The 80's Revisited

That's right we were sporting leg warmers, side pony tails and sckrunchies!
Mmmmm, wine coolers (they taste like juice and are really cheep... but not very strong). Can you get more 80s. Oh and blue eye shadow.