Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OMG I read an Oprah article

Apple Jacks and I have recently moved in together.  It's been a bit hard 'cause my roommate is still here.  Wouldn't be a problem if a) my roommate didn't have TONS of stuff b) Apple Jacks "liked" him (not that Apple Jacks likes anyone really but still) c) this dislike didn't completely make me feel the same way and cause every little thing that my roommate does to drive me nuts d) it meant one of these two boys, yes boys, picked up after themselves, dish into the dishwasher... really is it that hard?!  Just a few more days and the roommate is out! 
Anyway, I was of facebook and one of the ads on the side said something like "a boyfriend test".  (yes at times I am that person.  Oh, a test on what movie star I look like.  What type of mythical creature would I be? ) It lead me not to the desired test but to a female bonding site (no NOT bondage).  Blogs about being pregnant and "my kids messes" and stuff.  Well, there was a thing about moving with your significant other.  It was a little video of this women who had moved from Kentucky to live with her boyfriend.  She had the whole twang and everything.  This is what did it.  At the bottom is said, "read more" and I clicked it.  It lead me to THE OPRAH WEBSITE
I am not an Oprah person.  Hell, i have trouble spelling her name.  The most time I've spent with an O magazine was when I had to rip pages out for a writing assignment during my student teaching.  I've seen the Tom Cruse jumping on the couch thing on YouTube or The Soup but never really watched it live.  Dear god, please don't ever let me find the oprah website again... next it will be Good Housekeeping or something! AHHHHHH!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Emily's Wedding

Emily and Steve doing the deed! Happy Couple!
Apple Jacks and I before we try to drive though the storm coming across the lake.  It was a doozy!

Friday, August 01, 2008

I got my hair done

And this time I like it!