Wednesday, March 28, 2007

You Know There are Still Stupid People in the World... but not anymore

Tests found a bunch medications in Anna Nicole Smith's blood, including a sedative called chloral hydrate (used sometime to traqualize horses), benzodiazepines, methadone (which killed her son), Valium, Tylenol, weight-loss drugs (Trim Spa?), vitamin B-12 (suposidly part of an anit-ageing process), over-the-counter anti-flu tablets, antibiotics and human growth hormone(?!?!?!). Dear god, they won't even need to embalm her body... she already did it!

P.S.> yes, a bit heartless, but really who puts all this in their body (plus probably more that is undetectable) and expects to stay alive.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The X and my mom

Okay, for those of you know have read this blog before you've seen the name Mr. B cross over the screen. Mr. B was my high school sweetheart. We were best friends for a good long while before we technically dated. In this time period Mr. B became a member of my family. Even after we broke up (March or April my Freshman year) (after three months of not talking and him dating another girl, one he had been "talking to" before we broke up.) we were friends. We'd talk about all types of things, but mostly horses. Last spring, after a six year long "friendship", I had reached the final straw with him. He had told my mother about his new girlfriend before me.... well no, it was after that, it was when he moved in with this new girlfriend after only a month, oh yes, and i heard that from my mother as well.

Flash forward to today:
"Hey, mom."
"Hi. I was talking to your/our neighbor and found out her daughter (was my best friend in 4th grade) is engaged."
"Well, good for her. She was with the guy a while right." (ie: PLEASE no pressure!)
"Yes, and she's getting her PhD. Oh, and talking about engagements, I talked to Mr. B, since we are head to LA I thought we could get lunch of something, and he proposed to A over the weekend."
"Oh, really."
"I mean, they've been living together for almost a year."(Oh, and dating about a year... fun fun)

At this point I think... hmmm well if he is going to invite my mom to the wedding... how weird would it be if he didn't invite me? Oh, I bet they'll make some no ex's pact and that's why I wouldn't be invited but my mom would. "We said nothing about ex's parents." But would I want to go anyways? I know my mom would go....

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Yes, A Bahamas Two

Yes, my sister-in-law set me pictures from the bahamas and they're too cute to not post, so here they are. Abbie's favorite thing to do was wash her feet. Over and Over and Over
This was the coconut we found on the ground a little unripe. It got dropped and cracked. So we worked hard to try to open it all the way.
Tao worked extra har.
But we got it done! To bad it was so unripe
And this is us the the National Park... walking along the path, very slowly... 'cause bugs and lizards are very scary and she didn't want her picture taken.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Phone

So I have a Nokia 6102, the Nokia flip phone. This is my second one. The first one broke in half at the Oakland airport when I got back from Toronto in July. I use my insurance to replace it for free... oh no wait a $50 deductable. So now, six months later the phone broke, in the same spot, as the first one. So I didn't get insurance this time so I duct taped it together. It has been three months of the duct taped phone and now it has decided to randomly turn off. When it started this is did it like once a day. Now three weeks of this later, it does it five to six times a day, if not more. So fuck you Nokia, I went and bought myself and new FANCY DANCY Treo with Internet and a calender and a whole key board to text message with. Too bad it won't be here till Friday.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I hunt and I killed!

So I searched craigslist, I hunted craigslist, and what did I find? (Ms. T you'll kind of appreciate this) I found Silversun tickets. In the list of TICKETS WANTED I found the 1 ad that had some for sale, and yes I paid too much for them, but I got them! And really, when it comes to me, and I want something, I'll work hard to get them. and I got them! I got them!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Silversun Pickups, Ok Go, and Snow Partol

Yes, I was lucky enough to go to the show. But the band I wanted to see the most was Silversun Pickups. If you don't know them check them out. I love two of their songs, Lazy Eye and Rusted Wheel. Anyway, the bands played in the order listed above... and Apple Jacks and I, being who we are, took our time getting to it. The tickets said 8pm. We got there at around 8:45-9 and guess what?!? We missed band numero uno... that's right, the band that we were really there to see. I cried a little deep down but got over it. Ok Go was, well for lack of a better word, okay. And snow patrol wasn't half bad. Way better than Death Cab for Cutie were but not nearly as good as Damian Rice (who we have tickets to go see again next month). But you know who is also playing next month... ah that's right, Silversun Pickups... how quickly did tickets sell out... 8 min. By 10:10am on Sunday their show was sold out. Fuckers. Oh well... we did get tickets to The Shins.