Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So Apple Jacks had his birthday yesterday. He's not even older than me... meaning we're back to being 7 years apart and no longer 6. Anyway, he's about as into birthdays as he was into every other holiday that's passed. He pushed me away for Thanksgiving and sulked around for Christmas and made little effort for Valentines Day (though that one is almost understandable 'cause it is only 6 days before my birthday). To give him some holiday credit he did try on my birthday. And now it's his turn. "I don't deserve anything." "Don't get my anything." "You know I'm just going to be disappointed with whatever you get me." Ah, do we all love the faith, optimism, and over all cheer!
So yesterday, after a good 15 min of him shaking the gift and guessing multiple climbing and motorcycle things he thought might be inside, he pensively took off the ribbon (no paper, I didn't want to go over board) and peeled back the tape. As the few seconds of recognition go by and he realizes what it is, he smiles. He looks at me with an open jaw and corners turned up and says "You shouldn't have." He pulls out the Chrome mess anger bag, red and gray to match his motorcycle suit. "I was trying these on the other day, how'd you know?"
I didn't know, I just remembered that back in December he mentioned that he REALLY liked them and was hemming and hawing about getting one.
That's right Mr. Apple Jacks, I do know you and though the gift isn't perfect (we're not sure if the size is right yet) it still hit the nail on the head!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My House

I once lived in this little house. I had a roommate with two cats. I had a car port where my Audi could sleep at night. The kitchen once looked like this:

But no longer... now it's more like this:

Yes, over to the left was the kitchen... or I guess is the kitchen because that's where it is going back.

No, I don't live in Kansas. This destruction is volentary. This is all part of the remodel. Well, this too:

This was the window wall to the master bedroom... but that's getting bigger so that's been removed.
Fun, fun I know, but at least now we have a building permit. Yes, we stared demo before we had permision from the county to build... it's time saving right?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I'm a time person. My clock in my car is 5 min fast. I can probably count the times I've been late to ANYTHING the past couple months on one hand. If I am ever late I call. I have this one family I tutor for and there are times she is late and she always calls a good 5-10 min before our scheduled time, tells me where she is, and about how much longer until she's home with her kids. If my trainers are going to be late for a lesson they always call me about 15-30 min before my lesson to tell me how late. I have no issue with being late. It happens, traffic, lost track of time, something you're doing took longer than you though, you were folding underwear and just wanted to get it done. I understand, it's normal, but it's rude not to communicate your tardiness to the people who are waiting for you. It implies that your time is more valuable than others, that your time is so much more important that you can't call them so they can do their own valuable things with their own time. It's just rude, inconsiderate, and selfish.

Friday, May 11, 2007

My Job

So I don't often bitch about my job. It's a great job. I have no issues going to the store and picking out tomatos. I have no issues hunting down the top of a BBQ or making dinner reservations. Nothing I DO for my job bugs me. It's daily bullshit and if I get paid to do it fine with me. But today is wine moving day. Movers are coming to take a 7' x 5' x 3' wine fridge up to Napa. Inside this wine fridge is a couple hundred bottels of wine. No worries, I got wine boxes from every local liquer store that was willing to give them (F YOU BevMo). Yesterday, my boss says, "Hey, so I'll call you tonight and let you know when they are coming to get the fridge so we can start packing wine." 10:30pm last night... no call. Okay, I'll keep the phone near me and she'll call me in the morning. 8:30am I wake up... no call. Check my "work" e-mail... no messge. Okay, I take a shower get dressed, eat breakfast... call her... no answer... no cell answer. AHHH! I could have gone for a run (in hind sight). I could have slept more (way more likely). But now it's 10am and she calls. "Oh I didn't want to wake you." (As I said how can I really bitch about this job.) Such is life right. As Apple Jacks said... roll with the bunches. Also, "Don't get the Urban... we don't play well with others attitude." No, us Urbans' we don't have that... um no... we are great at team sports like... well badmitin... horseback riding... car racing... tennis... wreseling... wait those aren't team sports... DAMN. Well, we work for others like... let see I have... 1 out of my 20+ second level relitives that works for someone else... Hmmm the others they work for themselves. Well, okay so maybe I should roll with the bunches and do my best to put my Urban differences aside.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Fancy Phone

I never tought there was such a thing as being too connected when it comes to technology, but i am. my phone is with me almost all the time unless i'm on a horse, on a plane or teaching in a classroom. i also have access to all three of my email accounts... this makes me expect the same from others. I email you I expect a response in 2 hr. I text you... same deal if not a shorter time frame responce. this makes me impashent which makes me "make" those people I communicate with lives difficult... ugh what is convenient for me seems to not be for others!