Saturday, December 30, 2006


Okay, so I'm in one of those moods where a puppy could annoy me. Right now everything is pissing me off... well not everything but most of it. And NO I'M NOT PMSing... not close. Anyway, so I'm at Apple Jacks' house taking care of his dog for the day 'cause he misread his ex's plans and worked today while she was still in Hawaii on vacation. It annoys me. And what really annoys me is that it shouldn't annoy me. Walking his dog and feeding her isn't cramping my style in any way. I didn't have anything better to do really but still... annoyed.
Apple Jacks forgot his ski bag (we're leaving to go to Jackson Hole soon) and needed me to "find" it. Ugh, that was annoying that he forgot it but... find being the operative word... my annoyance doesn't end there.
This boy is a pack rat in ever since of the word but the singers. He keeps everything. He has broken light fixtures, boxes full of year old bills and such under a basket of more bills. If anyone knows me they know I'm organized. I have files color coded. I do detailed book keeping. I know where my shit it. Apple... doesn't. Annoying
"The ski bag is in the storage place." Descriptive... I know... why it didn't jump out at me from... behind the air duct and under a suit case full of god knows what but by the look of the edges sticking out of the seam I'm guessing bills... I don't know... Yes annoying.
Now, Apple Jacks is near and dear to my heart. Nothing he's actually done has any right to annoy me... it just is... and that's annoying all on it's own. Like a downward spiral... the sock on the floor is annoying me but I know it shouldn't be annoying me and than that annoys me and then it causes the PILE of mail on the side board to annoy me... but really what did the mail to do me other than be at least a year old and never move. It keeps going.
So now I'm going to tempt fate... I'm going to drive into the city to see Mr. C. Me... driving in the city... not always a good pair. But I have the direction... I have my book on tape so hopefully this annoyance bug will go away.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post Gluttony

This Christmas I got a new Digital Camera... It's the prize gift this year, not to shadow the others they were also good. Thank you EVERYONE! But... really... every one or five of my blog readers should be happy I'll no longer be doing bad pics with my camera phone. Here are the fruits of my new PINK camera's labor!
Abbie with a new book (It was all a little over whelming)

My dad practicing with his new "club"

The true Princess

"Cheese Grammy!"

And of course the Fam.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas... yeah I fixed it

Yesterday, I was totally excited about Christmas. Not only is all my shopping done but so is all my wrapping. I have two gifts for my dad, one gift for mom (she's really hard to shop for), one gift for Oma, three gifts for Amy, one for Ian, two for Tao, four for Apple Jacks and four for Abbie. I can't fit my family's gifts into one bag. I think, i did well this year, in terms of getting people useful, good surprising gifts... well except for mom but I already told her Apple Jacks didn't think it was right... and he's found the ability to channel her (freaky.. but that will be an other entry) so he probably knows better. When I was little I use to draw pictures for my brothers and call it "art" and a gift. Ah, the life of a child in an art focused family. I also use to go into the sport closet and pull out some of my dad's fishing flies, put them in a new box and "re-gift" them, but I think I did that more for his birthday than Christmas.
But I love Christmas. I love buying people gifts. I especially love getting gifts. I love the Christmas lights, the sent of pine in the air. I'm not as crazy about the holidays as Amy, she starts the Christmas carols the day after thanksgiving, but seeing the tree in Tilden Park all lit up makes me smile.

Friday, December 15, 2006

My life and too much of it

Okay, I know I don't really have a right to bitch... I'm the one packing my own life full of stuff, but that doesn't change the fact that I feel I'm going to be burning the candle at all ends. This next weekend, I'm up to Tahoe to get some runs in on my new board. Then I have my last normal, calm week. Probably too clam. But it will give me a chance to get things ready at the house for a party I'm throwing the first weekend of January... a party that 30 people were invited to and only 11 people have RSVPed and four of them are throwing the party and two others are who the party is being thrown for. That's what this week has in store. That and finding the perfect gift for Emily... oh and my Oma. 'Cause what's next Sunday... oh yes Christmas Eve... then Christmas... Then a busy week of getting my boss packed up out of her old house and into their still being remodeled house. Then it's up to Tahoe for New Years leaving from there to go to Jackson Hole, getting back just in time to throw the for mentioned party.
Okay now we're in to January... I work then head to Thunder Hill (car event) for the weekend. Come home and work, and breath before I pack up and head out to Palm Springs for a horse show the last weekend of January.
Now we're into Feb... a hell month for me... one that not only has the expectations of V-day with it's heart and chocolate but also my birthday. I spend the first weekend back down in Palm Springs to ride come home... work... fly to the Bahamas for a week (I know boo hoo for me). Come home on V-day (poor Apple Jacks... and my silly girl expectations) and five days later go to a track event at the ever famous Laguna Seca. The ending day of the event is my Birthday (I love my Birthday, and day where I get to feel like the world revolves around me, where I get gifts, where I'm truly special... that day kicks ass). And now the Spinster has invited me to go to New York City, leaving 48 hours after I'd have gotten home from the track event.
Here it is. I've never been to the big apple. I'd love to go, especially with a bunch of crazy girls to paint the town red and pretend to be Ms. Hilton and Ms. Richie and be debotiourious (yes, spelled wrong). "You can sleep when you're dead!" She said to me, "you're only young once." All of this is true, but here is the thing, I'm a bitch when I don't get much sleep, and I don't feel so young.
So I'm tangled up about what to do... I want to go, but at the same time I want to spend some time at home. I want to do NYC right, not rushed and hung over. I want to have tons of $$$$ to spend endlessly on all the same things I could buy right here in Union Square but with a beauty of the NYC on it. Maya might be able to join us down from Rochester, Emily might be able to join, though I think she'll be dieing from studying.
I know I work all of 10 hours at week at one job, 11 hours at another, substitute one day a week and babysit one day a week. On a busy week I work 50 hrs. On a slow week I work 20 hrs. I constantly feel like I have to justify my busyness. I'm just worried that I'm too busy... that I'll burn out... that it's irresponsible for me to take even more time off to do "personal" stuff. I just... I want to sit on the couch and watch TV.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Apple Jacks and I at a friend of mine's Christmas party.
Oh and yes, I'm wearing my new shoes and my feet didn't hurt a bit!

Meeting General Mills the Makers of Apple Jacks

(To understand the true stress level I should mention that on Thur. and Friday I drove over 100 miles to ride my horse for two hours.)

This has been a family filled weekend. Apple Jacks' parents were in town. They were in the LA area for a conference and flew up to see two of their children that live up here. Now, I haven't even meet Apple Jacks' brother (due to time) so when I hear, "We're going to have dinner with my parents and my brother on Friday." I get a little... excited. Oddly I wasn't worried if the 'rents were going to like me or not, I know Apple Jacks doesn't hold their opinions high in his mind, but I still wanted to make a good impression. I am dating their oldest child.
Friday: Apple Jacks is in a fine mood, not. His brother picked a restaurant that happened to be about as far away as London. His parents ditched his idea on a hotel and picked a lesser hotel right near the freeway in Oakland. And it was pouring rain. I meet the folks, and the term fits them well. Dad was just what I expected: dry humor and quiet. Mom was just quiet. I tried so hard to make conversation in the car ride from the hotel to the restaurant, but we get a little lost and Apple Jacks isn't in a conversation conducing mood. Long and short, we make it to the restaurant where their is no parking. Apple drops us off, that's right leaving me alone with Mom and Dad. We go inside to find brother already there. Brother asks me questions, and we chat about things I expected him to know about me but then I remember how not close Apple is to these people. It feels like 15 min has past, no Apple. Suddenly, the power goes out. The wait staff bring out candles and we keep eating our hore'dervs. Then another 15 min and in from the door is Apple Jacks soaked head to toe and REALLY pissed off. "It's REALLY FUCKING SHITTY OUTSIDE." He says as he sits down. His dad looks at him and goes, "What makes it really fucking shitty and not just crappy outside." At this point Mom, who's been semi oblivious to the banter that had started say, "Oh look, the rain is going sideways out there."
If this didn't make of an awkward enough evening the food we were eating was crab, wear a bib around your neck, use your fingers, sucking on some shells crab. Dinner was... interesting... trying to eat food you can hardly see, and with people you hardly know. We finally finish, wash hands and head outside. The boys go and get the cars and once again I'm left with the parents. We talk weather... which last about three sentences. We are silent more or less the whole car ride home and drop them back off at their hotel with some sort of plan about brother coming over the bay to have brunch. We say our nice to meet you's and Day 1 of the parents is done.
Yes, there is another day of his parents where the conversation has more flow and I care much less about "impressing" them and more about chatting it up with his brother's girlfriend. We said our nice to meet you's again and goodbyes and drive carfully's. I now have an understanding of the makings of the sugary sweet that is Apple Jacks.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Christmas

Okay, so Christmas has come early, but it's a personal Christmas

The other day I got me this:

A 154 Salomon Ivy. It's been almost 6 years since I've gotten a new board so I thought hey it's time.

And today I bought THESE! A sexy pair of Nine West shoes. I'm wearing them right now as I type this!