Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Okay, well I have to admit that my entries have been a bit impersonal lately.  There has been made a request from some to be kept out of my blog.  I understand not everyone wants their personal life viewable on the web.  'Cause of this I've felt "limited" as to what I can talk about, until I realized, I didn't talk about this person all that much so why is it effecting me! Here am, out to try a personal blog.
This past weekend I was at a car event, despite the 100,000 miles my care carries.  I had two students.  My C/D student was my brother's girlfriend and an A student in a Miata, we'll call him Mike.   I've had my brother's girl before and she recognized her timidness but gets bolder as the event goes on.  All is all she greatly improved. 
Mike on the other hand was different.  He's a college kid from Chico who's buddies do other events.  I'm not sure how he got into the Audi Club event, but he did.   As with bro's girl, he improved, but he had built a habit i just couldn't get him to recognize or shake.  After 15-18 min on the track, about 8-10 laps, he's completely stop doing everything I taught him.  He wouldn't brake as hard, he'd hold on track out, he'd slam on the gas and just be rough.  He completely stopped listening to me.  It's like he got immune to my voice.  It was especially frustrating 'cause when he did listen and got a corner right he was faster, smoother, and over all the turn felt better.  He even admitted it.  Ugh. So finally last time out as we exit turn three all wrong 'cause he came in to fast and slammed on the gas, I say "It's funny, in each run group, this is the time you seem to stop listening to me." "Oh, really sorry." He says as he straightens the car out.  We get though turn 5 a bit off kilter with me saying, "Let it track out, let it track out.  The next corner will come to you don't worry." 'Cause it does every time!  Well he got to turn 6 too soon and didn't brake... sum it up.  He spun.  He was luck to have stayed on track, but really what other evidence to I need to say THAT'S WHY YOU LISTEN TO WHAT I'M SAYING.  I'M YOUR I-N-S-T-R-U-C-T-O-R!  God damn EGOS!

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